About us

We, at Quest Gardens, bring you a space to breathe clean, fresh air and enjoy the bounties of mother nature while spending quality time with your loved ones.

Located near ECR and well away from busy cities,Quest Gardens is a place where you can escape the busy city, and experience a quiet stay in the countryside that helps you refresh and rejuvenate. The property is spread across 7.5 acres, filled with lush trees and colourful flowers.

Enjoy traditional life in the countryside, with games and foods that were the favourites of our fore-fathers. Our tradition is filled with exciting and interesting aspects that got lost in translation to the succeeding generations, and Quest Gardens is our attempt at showing and reminding the most enjoyable, and amazing parts of our rich culture that we have forgotten.

We provide individual villas or bunker-stay kind of accommodation, restaurant, an open dining space, children’s play area, open lawn and more. It is the ideal place for a day-out with friends, and spending quality time with your loved ones.